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Straight In Publications: Team-Up

The Straight In Publication: Team-Up will feature two or more characters from multiple SIP series in the same story. The Team-Up series will allow the various characters to deal with situations outside of their normal environment and will allow outside of the box solutions and character development.

The first team up was published in October 2019.

D'Jesse Larsen
Dan Budge
Dan Budge
Brian Russell
Dan Budge
Dan Budge
Latest issue

Straight In + Agent Undisclothed

An evil so big it takes multiple universes to stop it

In the 1970's, Harold Lucina researches an old lost device known as the Merlin Medallion. As a bio-research scientist he develops a Hallucinogenic Gas that turns him into the Super-Villain Halucina. The Merlin Device is accidentally activated causing Nina to be pulled from the current age to the 1970's where she meets uncle Lou in the guise of our Agent Undisclothed. A chase scene happens in 1970's London & at a certain point Halucina, Nina & Lou are in an alley and the Melin Medallion is activated bringing them forward in time to the current age. Maxx's is kidnapped by Halucina in order to access Lou's diaries so that Halucina can go back in time and destroy Lou's life. Nina & Lou continue to track her and stop her from acquiring said diaries.

Meet Your Cast of Characters


She is the center of attention

Lou Sampson

Brains, brawn & brassieres


He doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about


Main researcher for the AU Division who developed a hallucinogenic gas turning him evil


Not your typical business man


He keeps your drinking glass filled with fun


The girl you don’t want to start a conversation with at a party


He went looking for Max and couldn’t find his way home


He’s just here for a good time, not a long time


She likes to go by Sam and hides behind a tough exterior

Monty Moore

Puts the “stiff” in stiff upper lip