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In order to continue releasing comics in a consistent manner, Straight In Publications is releasing 100 Class C shares at $2,500 per share. Each one represents the creative costs associated with one issue of a comic series, thus at the bottom of each issue the investor will get a note saying “Financial consideration provided by . . .”

Some of the series below are already in circulation which can be purchased through this website or other vendors. However, we are currently seeking funding for the future releases of these as well as other brand new series.

Straight In

Current investors: D'Jesse Larsen, John Smith, Carlos Hortiguela De Pablos, VideoWorks , Optimal Performance Consultants , Pegasus on Church , Paul McGregor

Planned issues

  1. #8 Interconfusion
    Nina decides to get a temp job and meets an interesting character
  2. #9 Club Erection
    The gay club scene in all its forms
  3. #10 Core Meltdown
    Nina & Mike have a great one-on-one discussion of the gay lifestyle of some of the group
  4. #11 Core Meltdown 2
    Tyler continues his interference in Nina's life
  5. #12 Batteries Not Included
    Nina and the boys go shopping for a vibrator
  6. #13 Growing Frustrations All Around
    Nina makes a new friend who is also from across the pond
  7. #14 Niagara Gate
    Gays, casino & booze! What could go wrong?
  8. #15 Niagara Gate 2
    Champagne & The Falls at dawn
  9. #16 What the Puck
    Helping out the closeted gay professional sports friend
  10. #17 What the Puck 2
    Consistent & constant confusion on the red carpet
  11. #18 What the Puck 3
    The coming out award goes to...
  12. #19 The Final Straw
    Tyler and Sam continue their abhorant behaviour
  13. #20 Criss Cross
    Nina & the crew go to London

Agent Undisclothed

Current investors: D'Jesse Larsen, Jamila Mohideen

Planned issues

  1. #5 Camp E-Mole
    Lou joins the typing pool at Camp E in Canada
  2. #6 The Tupperware Party
    Lou & Bruce act as a couple to out a russian spy
  3. #7 The Toronto Connection
    The Agency opens up a women's clothing store for Lou in Toronto
  4. #8 Niagara the Wanderful
    Lou is shown a secret tunnel that allows access to the USA
  5. #9 Kung Fu Heels
    Lou is sent to China to find out who is killing wealthy UK citizens
  6. #10 Kung Fu Heels 2
    To complete his mission Lou must work at a brothel
  7. #11 Silk Cricket
    Lou is diverted to play the girlfriend of a wealthy Indian businessman to capture kidnappers
  8. #12 Silk Cricket 2
    Once Lou is kidnapped his prowess proves enough to defeat the enemy
  9. #13 The Broken Heel
    This issue deals with his training at Camp E and as a drag queen
  10. #14 A Drag Queen Spy's Alternate Uses for Panty Hose
    10 vignettes when Lou had to use panty hose to solve a problem
  11. #15 The Ice Queen
    Lou has to figure out where Russian agents are crossing the Finnish border
  12. #16 Hiding in Plain Site
    A US televangelist is money laundering Russian mob funds for them. Lou must stop it
  13. #17 Avenging Angel
    Lou is sent to work at the United Nations in New York to solve another agent's murder
  14. #18 Avenging Angel 2
    Clues lead to New York's gay scene

Planned graphic novel

  • Beginnings
    Issues 1 to 5 combined and in full colour

Straight In Steampunk

What if some of our favorite characters actually lived in a different time on a different world? This series explores a time period where technology is changing at an incredible pace but relationships are hidden behind a façade of wool and petticoats. Our team embraces the technology but challenge the morals of the time.

Victoria Unchained

Planned issues

  1. #1 The Queens New Comfy Chair
  2. #2 Queen Mechanical
  3. #3 Christmas Eve without the Queen
  4. #4 The Queens Newer Comfy Chair

The Gaytanic

Planned issues

  1. #1 All Aboard
  2. #2 Cruising Games
  3. #3 Icebergs and Icecubes
  4. #4 Uncut Dockings

Dragons Renewed & Returned

Planned issues

  1. #1 The Legion of the Dark Dragon
  2. #2 Disease and Distress
  3. #3 The Islands of the Bermuda Triangle
  4. #4 Around the World of Broken Dreams
  5. #5 Songs of the White Dragon
    A cave of dreams adventure
  6. #6 Martini's in a Frozen Cave
    A cave in ice adventure
  7. #7 Mammoth Game of Hide and Shriek
    The cave of confusion adventure
  8. #8 Rivers of Darkness
    The caves of wonder adventure
  9. #9 Memories Renewed
    Caves connected adventure
  10. #10 Battle for the Memories of Tomorrow
  11. #11 Battle with the Legion of the Dark Dragon
  12. #12 Gambling It All To Renew It All

Straight In Publications: Team-Up

Current investors: Carlos Hortiguela De Pablos, John Smith

Straight In + Agent Undisclothed

Planned issue

  1. #2 Lou in the 2020's
    Hallucinda escapes to Toronto in the current period during Toronto’s usual Halloween festival and escapes in the crowd because everyone is dressed in costume’s. Hallucinda kidnaps Maxx in order to torture information out of him